Welcome to The Current You. In a world requiring so much of women on an everyday basis, our mission is simple–to help you feel at ease with where you are right now.


If you're anything like us, your life is a balancing act. Between home and work, family and friends, self-care and living well–you're asking a lot of yourself. And while we're betting you wouldn't have it any other way, we're here to make life a little bit easier and remind you you're doing AWESOME. 

So what are we all about?


First off, every week, we'll send you a pep talk direct to your inbox with simple reminders to get you through the week.

Then, right here on The Current You and on Instagram we'll drop useful guides to make life a little lighter, easier, and less chaotic, plus stories about women like you–who are figuring it out and pursuing their passions–because you are NOT alone!


So thanks for popping in–we hope you love what we're about, that the content makes you feel good and mostly, that you see just how great YOU are doing, currently. 

xx, Melanie, Carmen and the TCY team


our team and our community are all about bettering themselves as women. every day. through compassion.

melanie was a lawyer–leaving the field to start a successful flower shop and lifestyle brand.

carmen was a marketing director for years, then got laid off and saw a chance to switch gears.

we were both in a place where we needed encouragement–with shifting careers, having babies, starting businesses, doing it "all" as women AND still trying to feel like we were getting things done. 

the current you is us telling you– we've been there, we're still there often, and trust us, you're perfect right where you are.


The Current You is a newsletter and content community

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and make the most of the moment they are currently living. 

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