• Melanie Fernandez

A Conversation with Jessica DeSiato of Thoughtfully Organized

Introducing our new Q&A series, where we talk to awesome women who inspire us in the best way–because we relate to them. They're smart, they're experts in their field, and they can teach us a thing or two.  First off, meet Jessica DeSiato, the entrepreneur behind Thoughtfully Organized, a mindful method to getting your home organized. Us: What kind of organizing goals do you set for your year–either at home or at work or both? Jessica: My organizing goals revolve around consistency and following some simple rules. First, I always say that “every item has a home”, meaning that whether it be a book, Lego set, or bottle of olive oil, you have a designated spot for it in your home and consistently keep those items there. Second, “never put something down, always put it away” -- ideally in its “home” me, if you create a habit (for all family members!) of doing this, you will spend a lot less time picking up at the end of the day. Finally, resist the urge to accumulate clutter! This is a tough one, but a goal that I set is if, for example, I buy a new shirt, I donate one I no longer wear, keeping my closet fresh and decluttered.  Some tips to make your organizing a little more...organized:

  • Every item has a home. Find it and stick to it!

  • Keep a schedule

  • Wake up an hour before the kids

  • Use the morning to set your day

  • Keep the trunk of your car organized

  • Consolidate your schedules in one place–like your phone.

  • Be consistent with your kids. Set rules they will follow.

  • Never put something down, always put it away.

  • To reduce clutter, whenever you add any item remove an item. 

  • Have a night time routine where you take 10 minutes to scan the house. That way, you go to bed in order and don't wake up to an empty home.



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