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Calimia Home Nursery & Master Bedroom Reveal

All photography courtesy of KG OHH SNAP.

Hi HOL friends! I’m Monique, founder and Creative Director of Calimia Home, which I run with my husband, Gustaf. For those of you who are new to Calimia, we founded our company after renovating our own home here in South Florida. What started as a fun project really blossomed into a passion for creating beautiful spaces, and we feel so fortunate to get to do what we love on a daily basis. 

Recently, we took on a project for our good friends who were expecting a baby girl. While a change like that is undoubtedly exciting, it can also mean lots of shifting around to make space for a whole new human. Our friends were using their spare bedroom as a wall-to-wall walk-in closet (what a luxury!), but needed us to transform it into a nursery. In addition to the baby’s room, they wanted to turn their master bedroom into a sanctuary, knowing that plenty of time would be spent in there. 

We were given the freedom to do “whatever we want” with the spaces as long as the aesthetic remained neutral and we stayed within budget. 

Converting rooms into brand new spaces is something we always look forward to doing because it requires us to get really creative and think outside of the box. We’re very hands-on with our clients and adamant about giving them a unique result. 

For the nursery, we picked our core furniture pieces from RH Baby and Child’s Callum Collection, which all come in beautiful white-washed wood. We added layers with a textured rug, floral wallpaper, soft textiles, and drapery. Starting with neutral core pieces really allowed us to have fun with all the accessories, which truly brought the room together. 

For our friend’s master bedroom, we continued the neutral tone by choosing natural woods for the furniture and adding a linen headboard. We layered a wool fringe rug for a cozy feel and a lounge chair in the corner, perfect for relaxing or nursing. Since we were working with a tight space, we chose to wall-mount the lamps in order to keep the nightstands clutter-free and functional. 

To be honest, most of our budget went to the beautiful nursery. But the secret to elevating these spaces and making them look so good is that we mixed in higher-end accessories and fixtures with Ikea pieces. In fashion and in design, never be afraid to get a little high-low!  

Monique is the creative director and designer behind Calimia Home. She lives in Miami with her husband and business partner Gustaf and her two baby girls. 


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