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Cheese Board in 5 Minutes or Less

cheese board by The Board Miami

Let's be honest: we're never really prepared to host last minute guests. And now that most of us are able to gather around a small amount of people after an almost 3 month quarantine, most of us will be gathering this summer whenever we can - socialization: yes, please!

I'm a total last minute host and because of that, always strive to have the necessary supplies needed for a quick cheese board. My grocery list every week ALWAYS includes gourmet cheeses, "hosting crackers," a fig or seasonal jam, if I go all out some deli meat (although not necessary), and dried and fresh fruit. That way when people come over for dinner or wine, I don't have to run to the grocery store super last minute just to make myself look like a superstar host.

To help me with more specifics for this article, I called my friend Lorena from The Board Miami for her advice on the best cheeses to always have on hand at home for quick hosting. Here's what she had to say:

First off, when you want to have cheese in the fridge at home, remember the shelf life of cheese: softer cheeses last less and harder cheeses last longer. So buy soft cheese if you know you'll probably be hosting people in the next week. Otherwise, stick to hard cheeses that will last you a good amount of time.

She also gave me her recommendation on the best 4 cheeses to always have at home (and on your cheese board):

  1. A cheddar cheese (she likes Unexpected Cheddar from Trader Joe's - I bought a smoked cheddar cheese that was delish)

  2. A softer cheese like Triple Creme (St. Andre from Trader Joe's and MT Tam from Whole Foods) or Brie

  3. Sheep's milk cheese (Manchego is always a good one!)

  4. A Goat cheese (she recommends Humboldt Fog and Midnight Moon from Cypress Grove)

My cheese purchases this week from Trader Joe's

Once you've purchased your cheese, you

  1. Place them on a cheese board (pro-tip: leave them out for about 2 hours before serving so they're nice and soft);

  2. Add your crackers (I love Carr's and the Fig & Olive crackers from Trader Joe's);

  3. Complement with dried fruit (cranberries, apricots) and fresh fruit (grapes and strawberries);

  4. And the cherry on top, include a side of either fig jam or seasonal jam (Trader Joe's currently has an amazing apricot jam and mango chutney - so good!).

Voila! #besthostever in 5 minutes or less!


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