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Clean Home Clean Soul: Summer Stain Guide

Ah summer. Sure, we're still in semi-quarantine. But that doesn't mean long walks (masks on!) for ice cream with some road sangrias have to be off the table. As a matter of fact, in Casa de Graham, we're getting really creative with the mess-inducing activities out of sheer desperation, so that means the summer stains of my own childhood are still making their way to my toddlers clothes.

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Watermelon, popsicle, sangria and berry stains: Remove any solids and blot the stain to remove excess liquid, but don't overdo it. Then, spot treat with a stain remover (Wine Away works on anything with that blue-red color. Why are all summer foods blue and red?!)) as quickly as possible but fret not if you're still at the BBQ. As soon as you can, soak in a solution of oxygen-based bleach (like Nellie's All Natural Oxygen Brightener) and you're done!

Grass and Mud Stains: Not unlike the above, you want to soak the stain as immediately as possible, but when you get home, use a brush to grind it out of the fabric with a enzyme-based stain remover or detergent. Launder as usual and if that doesn't cut it, skip the dryer and soak overnight. Then give it another wash.

Pollen: Besides sneezing all day, pollen can do a NUMBER on your clothes. The number one rule of pollen is not to rub it in. Literally, don't try to wipe it off your clothes because it could just deepen its hold on the fibers. The move is to take a piece of tape and pick up the particles that way, and then soak it in oxygenated bleach and COLD water before watching. The longer the soak, the better the odds.

Sunscreen: If the only way you can get sunscreen on your kids is by squirting it at them and praying for the best, there are strong chances you've got suits with weird pink stains ALL over them. As this brilliant NYT article teaches us, the ingredients in sunscreen don't respond to oxygen or typical detergents because they create a rust stain. Therefore, use a rust remover! Or if you're feeling particularly inspired. rinse with cold water and treat the stain with lemon. Throw some table salt over the stain and let it sit overnight. The next day, wash as usual and your suits are back in business!

Sweat Stains: Guilty. Everytime. Of trying to get yellowed sweat stains out with Clorox. Wrong again! It makes the stain MORE yellow. So what you want to do is use those handy oxygenated bleaches again. For hard to remove stains, soak overnight. AND the oxygen bleaches work best if soaked in hot water. Mental note!

Products You'll love:

Puracy Enzyme Stain Remover, $12: All natural enzyme-based stain remover.

Krud Kutter Sports Stain Remover, $10: For tougher stains, like mud and grass

Wine Away, $8: You know why. But also for the red stains we talked about.


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