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Home Hack: Lauren Navarro of Orchard and Olive

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

We love quizzing women on the businesses they start, because we relate! The Current You was born in part out of House of Lilac, a flower and lifestyle brand that's been making homes beautiful with fresh and dried bouquets for the last 5 years. So we know a lot of amazing home designers and decorators.

Every month, we'll introduce you to them and they'll share a home hack to make your home a little easier to manage or just plain pretty.

Name: Lauren Navarro IG handle: Personal: @lauren_navarro // Company: @orchardandolive

How did you get started working in the field? Is it something you always knew you’d end up in or a lightning rod moment? I have always been in the creative field and would bounce around between photography and graphic design. I’ve also always had a passion for home goods and interiors. Insert the Pinterest era when a lot of people would tell me they loved my style. This momentum just evolved into styling vignettes & homes per request and soon after I was into full blown interior design.

What’s the origin story behind Orchard and Olive? Orchard + Olive was originally an online home store where I would sell mostly handmade home décor. The name derived from the street I first lived in NYC, Orchard Street and the name of my dog, Olive. If you had to describe your aesthetic in one sentence what would it be? Minimal with mid-century modern aesthetic.

What is the most challenging part of being a designer? Trust. When clients have a difficult time letting go of their many conflicting styles to trust me to streamline them into 1 masterpiece. What’s the most rewarding part? The final product, obviously. When everything just comes together and seeing how happy clients are living in their beautifully designed space. What do you look for first when you’re talking to a client or looking at their space? During consultation, I’m mostly looking for what their sense of style is and if it’s compatible with my own style.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about what a designer will bring (or not bring!) to their life/space?  Working within a budget. You set a budget. We work within that budget. ☺ How do you help a client get the most out of their experience? Narrowing down 1 or 2 styles that complement one another.

What do you love most about your job? Sourcing new material for the project. What’s your dream project? A retro coffee shop.

This month’s theme is “Prioritizing Good Things.” How do you apply that logic to your designs? For example, does prioritizing “good” mean sustainable pieces? Does it mean investment pieces that are worth the price tag? Does it mean good flow and practical features? Take one room at a time. Start with selecting the largest piece of furniture first then move on to the next size. Essentially purchasing all items from largest to smallest. Leaving the tiny details as the final touch. Please share a “hack” for our readers on how they can apply that idea in their own homes!! Even if it’s your top 3 tips, just something they can “take home with them” so to speak!

Mixing high-end quality pieces with items from thrift stores, Target and Home Goods will give your home “that look" for less! Now a days, there are so many good stores with less expensive decor pieces that do the job and look great. Plus, trends change, wants change. You might want to replace items around your home down the line either because you saw something else you loved, you moved furniture or decor around, or you just want something different. That's easy to do when you don't splurge on those items!


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