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Home Hack: Molly Solich of Molly Solich Design

Instagram rabbit holes are real. Which is why I love perusing random home design hashtags and coming across inspo accounts that are actually functional and attainable. Molly Solich is one such account. I don't live in Houston, don't know anyone in Houston, but I know a beautiful feed when I see one. Her style–clean, classic, but with a hint of sass–is exactly what I need some days. It's almost relaxing to go through. I appreciate that element of good design and so when we connected, I really wanted to introduce her to all of you! Plus, I love how during quarantine, knowing a lot of people scrambled to set up makeshift home offices, she offered her services to her followers to help make beautiful productive spaces, free of charge.

Scroll on to hear how Molly gets inspired plus products she loves right now to get in on her aesthetic.

Name: Molly Solich IG handle: @mollysolichdesign First, we want to know, what are the identities you lead with :

Wife, Decorator and Lover of Adventure (also kitty mom to two precious angels)  What led you here? What’s your backstory?

I studied Fashion and Accounting in college, then worked for several local publications in the events and marketing space, before landing in the fine art industry. Off and on and I worked part time for a design firm that had a retail location, and feel in love the customizing details for the home. While working in the art industry, helping designers assist their clients with art for their space was exciting and rewarding. Soon after transitioning to working for a design firm as an in house designer full time, I got married and moved for my husbands job. Molly Solich Design began at the encouragement of a few friends who became clients.  How did that become the Molly Solich Design story?

Growing up, I would cover my walls in magazine ads and inspirational images. Pinterest has always been a deep love of mine (I’d rather be pinning than watching TV) and I am the happiest when I’m a a museum or in a garden.

Noticing what fuels you, then making a career out of it, is a beautiful thing. 

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve learned being an entrepreneur? What’s the most rewarding?

The finance and accounting aspect of a small business takes a ton of work. Overall the most rewarding aspect of my job is the people you meet along the way that appreciate the hard work you put in and and the vendors who cheer you on. Meeting new vendors who are so excited about the the antiques they source, invested in the stories they tell, and are supportive of the process make this job a joy.  How would you describe your aesthetic?

Classic and collected Your ethos of livable, classic, and quality design is on POINT! What’s the 101 way to do that and set yourself up for success?

Thank you for your kind words - quality design can be approachable, accessible and doable for all. 

What are your favorite ways to update a space without a complete overhaul?

Number one affordable option would be coffee table books, and I love a collected theme especially one of interest to you. Recently, I’ve taken a deep dive into garden design books and photography tomes, and it has been fun to search and discover new designers and artists. Never underestimate the power of fresh flowers, greenery (love a fern in a fun planter or a fig tree in a basket), cashmere blankets and custom throw pillows. If you could buy one thing for your home, invest in a custom sofa. You will have it for life and can always recover and refresh the fabric. 

What are 3-5 items you love right now for home?

Consistently I’m using Aerin Lauder’s home decor items, they add textures like shagreen, velvet, rattan and tortoise in classic shapes.

Shagreen Coasters, Aerin Lauder, $295

Soane Britain's rattan light fixtures are incredible, and their process is deeply rooted in tradition, history and quality. The colors the British use in their homewares are so unexpected and elegant at the same time.

Soan Britain Rattan Daisy Hanging Light

You can never have too much glassware (allowing for the accidental break) and there are some interesting and affordable sets that I’ve seen. I’m loving the Dorset Stemless Red Wine Glasses from Williams Sonoma and the slim and classy Marta Tasting Glasses from CB2 (a set of 8 for under $10). 


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