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Home Hack with Adriana of White This Way

Updated: May 16, 2020

We love quizzing women on the businesses they start, because we relate! The Current You was born in part out of House of Lilac, a flower and lifestyle brand that's been making homes beautiful with fresh and dried bouquets for the last 5 years. So we know a lot of amazing home designers and decorators.

Every month, we'll introduce you to them and they'll share a home hack to make your home a little easier to manage or just plain pretty.

Name: Adriana Infante, half of the sister duo behind White This Way

IG handle: @WhiteThisWay How did you get started in all things home and decor? We were kind of born into it. Our dad is a successful architect who moved here from Colombia with nothing but a pencil and sketch pad so I guess it's in our genes! 

White This Way is such a clever name. Is there a story behind it? We truly believe that your home should define you. It’s a white, blank canvas and you are the artist. There’s no right or wrong.  You can inspire and aspire. Dream it up and do it up. Imagine, design, create. Then shift it around and do it again. That’s the magic of your sanctuary.  Photo courtesy of @KGOhhSnap

What’s the most challenging part of being a home designer? The most challenging part is helping people understand that home styling doesn't have to be expensive or intimidating. There are so many ways to achieve high end styles for less. We can deck an entire room in Target or Amazon Home and make it look like it's Anthropologie! 

What’s the most rewarding part? The most rewarding part is helping clients design a stylish yet functional space, because at the end of the day that's where you start and end every day so it should be one you're proud of and comfortable in. This especially became a passion point during the pandemic when the only thing keeping us safe was our home. As the world evolves and keeps changing, your home should continue to be your safe space, one you’re extremely grateful to return to, and eager to show off.  What do you look for first when you’re talking to a client and looking at their space? We consider a few things beyond budget. The 2 most important ones are the client's style - and if they're unsure, we help them determine it. Then, we consider the client's lifestyle. For example, if they have small kids, we may not recommend an all-white couch or really delicate comforter. 

We love how real you are on IG about your space–from amazing pieces you got at Home Goods or Target to more recently, you’re cleaning skills! What makes you keep it real like that?

So many designers and interior decor people can feel really unattainable. First, thank you! This is a great question because it's something we struggle with constantly. Instagram is meant to be a beautification of life. As a matter of fact, White This Way started off as a purely inspirational platform where we aimed to only share gorgeous spaces and photos. But sometimes that's not reality. Certainly not now. And especially not when everyone's budgets and needs are SO different. So we decided to keep it real. If your credit and finances are in order, there should be no shame in splurging a little, say on plantation shutters, and putting it on a no interest credit card, then paying it off little by little. By the same token, as long as it's pretty and makes you happy, who cares how expensive (or cheap) it is? That's our philosophy. 

What do you love most about your job? Believe it or not, before and after photos!  What’s your dream project? We've been recently obsessed with the concrete and clay looks so consider this a manifestation :). 

What's your 10 steps or less home hack?

  1. Make your bed every day.

  2. Become a plant parent! Fresh or faux, love them equally.

  3. Keep it tidy. Everything should have a home (pun intended). 

  4. Create a vibe. Candles, incense, music. 

  5. Welcome positive energy only! Everything else stays outside. 

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