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Introducing The Current You

By: Melanie Fernandez

Let's start at the beginning. In a nutshell: I founded House of Lilac 5 years ago with a desire to build something. I like to say (and one hundred percent believe) that the universe brought me to where I am today through client feedback and other gut feelings (a story for another day). Today, May 2020, we are a flower company delivering fresh flowers locally and shipping dried flowers nationwide. Check us out. We're pretty good at what we do.

Some details on me: full name Melanie Fernandez (this is my married AND my maiden name btw - super cool, I know). Age: 34. I am what is allegedly considered an older millennial aka I still remember a time without internet but vividly remember the AOL dial-up sound and my screenname (cutenessmelz3). I am Alex's wife of 6 years and mom to Alexander (4) and Margot (3). I am a recovering corporate attorney turned florist and entrepreneur. I started HOL in 2014 as an outlet from my crazy law job and fast forward almost 6 years, I haven't looked back and no, don't regret any of it. 

Fast forward maybe 4 years into this venture, due to my own experience, I had this strong desire to build a community of women that needed support. And to be honest, I was very vocal on social and constantly vented throughout our growth process and constantly heard from women about the struggles they were going through and how things I had said or done really resonated with them. In an effort to connect with more clients and considering the importance of growing a brand digitally in this day and age, I decided that having a community component to the business was absolutely necessary. Cue Flower Club. In my visions of visions, it was supposed to be this mailer program where you paid a fee and were part of this monthly inspiring intention aka time consuming for all parties involved. So I hired Carmen to be our community lead on what was more like a quarter-time basis (she was still at her full-time job).

Some details on Carmen - Full name: Carmen Villafañe Graham. Age: 33. She is Mike's wife and Christopher (2) and Bobby's (7 months) mom. Truth is, we met when we were like 6 or 7 in elementary school. We grew up near each other, went to the same Catholic all-girls high school, but were still a school year apart (which in friendship and experiences can be a lifetime, let's be honest). She moved to NYC (and to California and Arizona but those are after thoughts) and worked in really cool media jobs, including Complex. Eventually, she moved to Miami after she had her first baby, found House of Lilac, we rekindled and had lunch. And quite frankly, I knew I had to hire her.

As is true in any business, we ironed out all the kinks overtime and eventually went all digital, became free, and evolved into a weekly newsletter and content community. Having been an entrepreneur for 5 years, I knew that listening to my customers' needs and wants was key to the growth of any business. We somehow convinced about 180 women to sign up for the weekly newsletter, built out a new website, paid for branding, the whole shebang.

Then COVID hit. 

And like most businesses during COVID, we had an awakening. Mostly premised around the fact that the newsletters and the content were taking on their own form and the direction we were headed in was very different from the direction House of Lilac was headed in. It basically became a legit business with its own needs completely separate and apart from HOL. It was time consuming - blog content, contributors. And most importantly, it had a purpose - one very near and dear to our hearts: we saw how many women were positively affected by the message and we wanted it to grow even bigger. So we decided to make it its own company. Carmen and I both co-founders.

Welcome to The Current You.

What we are? We are a newsletter and content community for millennial women in need of a weekly pep talk to stay present and make the most of the moment they are currently living.

Our mission: In a world requiring so much of women on an everyday basis, our mission at The Current You is to help women feel at ease with where they are “right now.” We believe that the simple reminder “where you are today is exactly where you should be” is often all we need to get through the week.

Here's the truth. We're all juggling a million balls every day. Yet, nothing is ever enough. We could always be better moms, better employees, better friends, better ___________ (insert noun). And sometimes a pep talk or words of affirmation are all we need to make us feel powerful again.

So we've done just that. Every Monday, you'll get an email from us giving you the pep talk that you need. And the cherry on top? Every email includes content meant to help you feel informed in home, life, wellness, beauty, fashion, travel, as moms, working women, and just women in general. Because who has time for more? We're here for you, girl. Join the community!




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The Current You is a newsletter and content community

 for women  in need of a weekly pep talk to stay present 

and make the most of the moment they are currently living. 

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