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Meet Tiffany, Taudrey boss lady

Let me just preface this with saying Tiffany, founder of Taudrey, is the nicest person you've ever met. She's always down to support women–be it her team, her customers, or other entrepreneurs. She's genuine, always smiling, and not afraid to get her hands dirty with you. Not to mention, her story and dedication to her business and her team are enviable. How does she do it? By keeping it real and based on what you're about to read, by integrating her life....not trying to balance it.

Name: Tiffany Dominguez

Handles: Personal: @tiffanytaudreyd / Business: @taudreyjewelry21

First, we want to know, what are the identities you lead with (wife, mom, taudboss, you name it!): 

I first identify as Tiffany. My titles of wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and #taudboss are aspects of my identity that when blended together, make up who I am. I think it’s pretty awesome that women possess this kind of superhero ability to determine what identity aspect is needed in the forefront at any given moment. When my baby girl needs me, I’m Mama. But when taudrey is in trouble, I lead with #taudboss

What’s the Tiffany story? How did that evolve into the Taudrey story? 

I’m the child (only girl!) of Cuban immigrants and was born and raised in Miami. Growing up, I was constantly intrigued by all things fashion and beauty, and always great with working with my hands. After college (Go Canes!), I dabbled in public relations and styling, but always knew I wanted to do two things: be my own boss and perpetuate positivity. Fueled by the work ethic of my entrepreneur parents, I started taudrey from my bedroom floor, making bracelets and stamping charms for friends and family. Today, 11 years later, I’m endlessly grateful to be working with an all-female team to connect and inspire women through meaningfully personalized jewelry. Sure, the Tiffany story started the taudrey story, but now the taudrey story is writing out the Tiffany story. 

Why personal items like jewelry and gifting?

I always wanted to do more than simply sell pretty things. I wanted my jewelry to perpetuate positivity and connections. I love that our personalized pieces allow women to celebrate and share their stories. The meaning behind it all is what fills my cup!

In the early days of Taudrey, how did you feel? How has that feeling evolved, especially as it pertains to work and balancing work with life?

When I first started taudrey, it was quite literally my entire world. All-night work sessions and all-in financial gambles were normal and comfortable. But now, as a wife, an adult woman and a mother to my beautiful baby girl, Siena, I’ve happily adjusted priorities. And while the adjustments were and continue to be hard work, I’ve learned that a tunnel-vision all-in mentality doesn’t necessarily equate to company success. We’ve experienced the most growth as a company while I’ve navigated building a home, getting married and becoming a mother. I’ve learned that we can fit a whole lot into this life, as long as the heart and drive are big enough! Oh, and when it comes to perfectly balancing work and personal life, I think I’d have better luck on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. I’m all about work/life integration. Blurring the lines works far better for me than strict, anxiety-inducing boundaries. Yes, I check in on my business while on vacation. And I also take conference calls sitting next to a Minnie Mouse toilet while potty training at home. Both instances make me feel complete. 

As an entrepreneur, how have you identified those “AHA” or lightning bolt moments? Is it always just those moments, or do some lessons/learnings come over time?

For me and taudrey, learning (and therefore growth!) has been slow and steady. I’ve enjoyed taking my time in this business, and while explosive growth is amazing, I’m grateful that taudrey has grown slowly and organically. It’s allowed me to personally do the same, and savor every season. 

What have you learned about your customers, especially the really loyal ones, over the years? Shopping for gifts—especially personalized ones—you probably learn a ton about them. 

Greatest customer lesson: LISTEN! Customers, especially loyal customers, will tell you exactly what they want. Listening to them and absorbing every critique and concern is an amazing growth tool! I love that social media allows us to have such direct and easy interaction with customers. I can’t tell you how many products, offerings and even marketing pivots have come from a customer’s simple, “have you guys ever thought about doing…”

QVC was a HUGE moment for your brand. Launching Taudrey Luxe was huge for the brand. How do you feel when you’re adding something new to your mix and what do you learn from it? 

Becoming a QVC brand is something we’re so incredibly proud of! The process leading up to it forced us to clearly identify our brand, purpose and niche. And the fulfillment of our first big QVC order was the learning curve of all learning curves. But it taught us to never be intimidated by the unknown and how extremely important it is to have a dedicated team. You know, the kind of gals that will work full weekends and late nights (we’re talking 2 a.m.) for weeks to make dreams happen. During that insane first-QVC-order blur, the taudrey team truly became a family. We learned new techniques, established systems and even started doing group stress relievers like “medacchinos” (we enjoy an espresso shot and commit to a five-minute team meditation) and daily expressions of what we’re each grateful for! 

Now taudrey luxe, our first presentations of fine jewelry, was another great milestone for us. The pieces, featuring 14k yellow gold and pave diamonds, were truly born from customer feedback. After years of requests for love-forever jewelry, the luxe line felt like a natural progression. As taudrey grows and refines, so will our offerings!  

This month’s theme is “Valuing Who You Really Are.” How do you apply that to your business and to your personal life?

For me, valuing your true self means doing more of those little things that make you happy! Personally, that’s consistent exercise (yay Peloton!), enjoying a glass of wine at night or ice cream in bed, backyard dinner dates with my husband, boat rides on Sunday afternoons, and chasing butterflies with my daughter. When I feel personally valued, fulfilled and calm, I am a far better leader and business owner. 

What’s next for Taudrey? What about for Tiffany?!

The pandemic reminded us of the importance of our online presence. We’re spending the rest of the year re-focusing our e-commerce brand and further developing our philanthropic and female-empowerment strides.

As for Tiffany, I’m really focusing on self love and developing myself as a leader and mother. This year has woken me up to all that I have to be grateful for. I’m putting my health and that of my family’s first, and relishing in every moment together. 

Last question: If you could tell pre-Taudrey, pre-wife and mom Tiffany one thing, what would it be? 

 Keep climbing, girl! Every step is worthy and meaningful! 



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