• Carmen Graham

Purge vs. Purchase: Face Oil and Caffeine Serum

So let me preface this article with the fact that I am NOT a major skincare person. And to be fair, I have pretty problem free skin. That said, I like the sun. I like wine. I like sweets. And I have calendar invites to remind me to drink water so, clearly, my skin regimen as I advance in age is ....necessary.

A few years ago, after a series of long nights in the studio trying to make insane deadlines, an amazing co-worker gifted me a little vial of her secret. She was proudly aging backwards and introduced me to The Ordinary. The brand is super cult-y, but the thing I love is that they pride themselves on clinical formulas based in natural products, and fight the good fight against beauty industry regulations that don't protect us from toxic products!

All that to say, The Ordinary has taken over my bathroom, but the real game changers where these little vials.

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% makes you look alive. It does not matter how many screens you were up looking at til 2am, a dab of this under your eyes is like a shot of Cuban coffee to the face.

Top off your usual routine with their 100% Plant Based Squalane face oil and you'll have a dewy glow, plump pores and it just feels so good going on I honestly go through it like its oxygen. To the point where I often wear just concealer mascara and some of this and I feel made up. It's also light enough to not feel like you have a bunch of gunk on. This might not work for everyone, but I've all but thrown out my regular moisturizer and joined the church of face oil....solely because of this SUPER budget friendly bad boy.


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