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Real Moms Know: How To Stay Sane During Quarantine

If the last few weeks have taught us anything it's that parenting is HARD. Mothering–don't deny it–is harder. Whether you're WFH or not, whether you're joining the Zoom classes or not, whether you have help or not, it all comes down to you.

So we asked some of our favorite moms how they are getting by. From meditation to working out to just plain being nice to themselves, we hope these REAL accounts help you to know you're not alone. And that a little cocktail at the end of the day never hurt anyone.

Name: Molly Blanco

Kids: 2 kiddos (Grady, 9 and Caroline, 5)

How I Am Staying Sane: When I'm not a homeschool teacher, lunch lady or janitor, I find myself spending time writing and building a community for parents to make life a little less stressful and find a more intentional balance across work, family and self-care. Also, afternoon swimming sessions and lots of quarantine cooking have become the new normal. 

Instagram/Website: @thecasablanco

Name: Cristina Bustamante

Kids: 3 kids - 2 girls and a boy (9, 8, 6)

How I Am Staying Sane: Music.  Music while I'm cleaning.  Music while I'm doing laundry. Music while I'm cooking.  Music when I run.  I have found there is almost nothing music cannot make better.  If any of us is having a hard day, we dance it out. The one thing music really doesn't help with is teaching 3rd grade math, but there's vodka for that 😝  

Instagram/Website: @survivingcristina

Name: Ann Ueno

Kids: 1 girl (5 years old)

How I Am Staying Sane: I am doing 4 things to stay sane:  First, I am exercising every day.  Pre quarantine I did this and I know for my own mental health, I have to move my body!  Next, I am decreasing homeschooling goals to increase peace and joy.  My daughter is 5 so I am not stressing about her doing all of the work, watching all of the videos, joining all of the zoom calls, etc.  Third, I am blocking set time each day to work.  Yes, because I have to but also because I am a working mom and while my role has shifted in a big way the last month, my work matters deeply to me, it forces me to create and brings me so much happiness.  Last, I am staying immensely connected to my church and Jesus right now.  My true north always comes from God and my bible and that hasn’t wavered in this season!

Instagram/Website: @annuenointeriordesign /

Name: Lorena Castillo  Kids: 1 boy and 1 girl  (15 years old, and  almost 13 years old) How I Am Staying Sane: I am organizing almost every room or closet in my house. I love the feeling of accomplishment once I am done. I am also playing lots of board game with the kids after begging them of course :). I am also spending time looking for new strategies and business opportunities for my company The Board (co owned with my friend Pia Sivori)  Instagram/Website:, @lorenamcastillo @theboardmiami

Name: Jenna Citron Pinchuk

Kids: 2 boys (almost 2-year-old & 9-month-old)

How I Am Staying Sane: Hilarious/inappropriate group texts with my girlfriends, testing out new marketing initiatives for my real estate business, and Nutella. Lots of Nutella. 

Instagram/Website: @jennacitronpinchuk

Name: Angela Amendola

Kids: 1 girl (almost 6 years old), 1 boy (4) 

How I Am Staying Sane: TBH? Some days it's a struggle to maintain my sanity! Overall, it's just about giving myself a BREAK. I do not need to organize every closet in my house while learning a new language. If I can successfully get a few hours of work in and keep my children alive, it's been a good day. I also take moments throughout the day to remember to be grateful for the little wins. Oh, and a glass of wine at 5 o'clock never hurts :)  

Instagram/Website: @thatcleanbeautymama

Name: Gaby Abrams

Kids: 2 boys (5 year old, almost 2 year old)

How I Am Staying Sane: I am endlessly grateful for the time with my family, I accept that I have no answers and take it day by day, and I search for new Tiger King memes. 

Instagram/Website: @gaby.abrams/@casaconfettishop

And finally, yours truly.

Name: Carmen Graham Kids: 2 boys (Chris, 2.75 years, Bobby, 7 months old) How I Am Staying Sane: I avoid social media during the day, to take pressure off myself from "keeping up with the Joneses".  Also, family nap time has become perfectly permissible and was not possible while I was at my full time job.  Instagram/Website: @cvgraham


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