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Real Moms: Meet the women behind Organize Dwell

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Personally, I struggle with organization. Actually that's a lie. I personally LOVE being organized, all my things have a space, etc. In my single girl NYC studio, which was probably the size of most people's walk in closet, everything was *just so*. MY CHILDREN have made it so I can't seem to keep my sh*t together, but it's also fascinating how much crap you acquire as time goes on.

So when we decided to feature these sisters-in-law who have made a business out of organizing their clients lives, I had ALL of the questions. Plus, they have really young kids, so I also just had to know it was possible. So meet Danna and Shira -- mom goals in so many ways, as entrepreneurs, friends, moms and women.

Name(s): Danna Bitton and Shira Rom Bitton

IG handle: @organizedwell

First, we want to know, what are the identities you lead with: Wives moms, daughters, sisters-in-law and entrepreneurs

What led each of you here? What’s your backstory?

We are married to brothers (Yes! Our clients are always surprised to hear that we are sisters- in-law and get along). Shira has two children (4,6) and Danna has three children (3,8,9). We have the most supportive parents and in-laws that are our biggest cheerleaders.

Shira: In addition to Organize Dwell, I am also a pediatric speech language pathologist. Prior to having kids, I worked in a school with children with autism. Through this experience, I gained an understanding that children thrive in an organized environment and become more independent when systems are in place. An organized lifestyle has always been my way of living.

Danna: My love for design and organizing began back in my early childhood. I was always rethinking my furniture arrangement and reorganizing my stuff. I studied architecture and completed my bachelor’s degree in 2012. Upon graduating, I started my own practice of interior design and have been designing residential and commercial projects.

How did that become the OrganizeDwell story?

During our maternity leave four years ago (our youngest children are 2 months apart), we had this fantasy of starting a joint business venture. At the time, we both had our own practices in two complete different fields and we could not find a mutual ground between the two. It was only two years later that an opportunity from a past client came up. They spotted the talent and reached out for help in getting their lives organized. Through this event, we discovered our expertise’s mutual ground. Organize Dwell was formed a few days later and our mutual journey began.

Outside of the obvious need for organized homes, why an organization service?  In today’s world, people are becoming more aware of the importance of an organized lifestyle. However, not everyone has the talent or time to establish an organized home or office. Although most people consider this type of service as a splurge once they experience the transformation, they vouch that this is a well paid off NECESSITY.

How did the early days of OrganizeDwell feel? How has it evolved as you’ve grown, both as a company and as people?

The early days of Organize Dwell were an emotional rollercoaster. It was refreshing to have a partner to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with. It was and continues to be work around the clock, getting familiarized with the industry and lots of self- education. Owning a small business means wearing many hats and knowing how to balance between tasks. With time, we have managed to establish both structure and systems to make us more efficient and productive. We continuously look for ways to grow our business and improve our quality of service.

What have you learned about your customers? Especially since you’re IN their homes, it’s so intimate!

We love each and every one of our customers. Being a professional organizer requires exceptional social and pragmatic skills. Our mission is to build relationships and trust with our clients by bringing our hearts and souls into the process. We have a natural talent of making our clients feel comfortable with our friendly and non-judgmental approach.

What does the OrganizeDwell process look like for a customer? Walk us through it. 

The Organize Dwell experience begins with an in-home consultation. We walk through their spaces, discuss their struggles, habits, needs, and wants. Then we measure and take photos of the spaces and suggest initial ideas. Following that, we prepare a proposal explaining our scope of work and estimated cost. Upon their approval, we begin planning and sourcing for storage solutions as needed. Then we set up the organizing session where we arrive with all supplies needed to complete the project. Our clients can be involved as little or as much as they want. Any organizing session begins by purging the unnecessary items. This is the only part that requires our client’s involvement (typically an hour or two depending on the size of project). When the purging process is complete, we begin our magic of sorting, categorizing and organizing their content into place. To finalize the project, we create custom labels to encourage maintenance of the new systems. When creating these systems, we consider workflow, accessibility, and appearance.

How should a customer prepare for the process? 

There is not much preparation needed, however, it is recommended to stock up on groceries (if it’s a kitchen project) and to do the laundry (if it’s a closet or linen closet). Our services are all-inclusive and requires minimal preparation.

Obviously “cleaning out” is a major part of the process. What kind of person / people do you think struggles the most with that? What’s your advice for them? 

There are no rules, each and every person has their own different attachment to certain things. Purging is a difficult task for most people (even if they don’t admit it ;)). We guide our clients through this process by simply asking if they love, need, or use their items. By their reaction, we recognize the importance of each and every item and help them rationalize their decision as needed. If you are doing this on your own, when “cleaning out” ask yourself if you love, need, or use it. The more often you edit your spaces, the easier it gets.

This month’s theme is “Summer Cleaning.” How do you apply that to your business and to your personal life?

Every month is “Something Cleaning” at our homes and business. After all, we have to live by our motto.

What’s next for OrganizeDwell? What’s your goal, ultimately for your clients? Of course an organized home but how is your service meant to make them feel?

To us a successful project is one that makes our clients fall in love with their homes again. By reclaiming their time, productivity, and space they can enjoy what really matters (self care, family, and friends).

Last question: What advice would you give someone who feels completely overwhelmed by the idea of organizing their home (hi, me!) 

Yes, we know...organizing your home may feel overwhelming.

  • We recommend starting small (as small as a single kitchen drawer) to give yourself a sense of accomplishment and by that reducing anxiety.

  • Always measure the space before shopping for products.

  • Purge, purge, purge, the less you own the more you have!

Last but not least, do not be afraid of outsourcing, we will gladly take the load of your back by turning your messy spaces into happy spaces:) !



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