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What's Your Day Like? Schedules in Corona Times

As you know, Melanie and I both like our cups FULL. Like "are you crazy" full. We launched this site in the midst of a pandemic and little by little, we've seen how many of you so needed a space–just like us–to see yourselves. To see that not everything is sunshine and roses but it's all part of the journey. And the journey is the best part!

Okay enough of the feel good stuff. How does it *actually* happen? How does it all come together? A few months ago Melanie shared hers (I'll say it again, Margot's entire vibe is goals). So I thought I'd share a look at my average Monday, plus how you all are doing it, as shared on @thecurrentyou.

My home base M-F, where I barely see the outside world for like 12 hours.

7 a.m.: I'm not an early riser. BUT I do love Mondays. Clean slates are my favorite and I go into the week energized to get shit done. So around 7, one or both of the kids wake up, wake me up and we get moving. I set my coffee every night so it's ready for me (6am in case we have an early bird)

Step 1: Change a diaper and remove a Pull-Up.

Step 2: Wash face, throw workout clothes on, make the bed. Bed is non-negotiable. Even Christopher knows we make the bed before going downstairs.

Step 3: Caffeinate.

8 a.m.: During quarantine, I've made it a point not to check my phone before 8 (I have boundary issues). I do a quick text check to see what my family has to say (the Villafañe group chat is VERY active) but other than that, I try to make the morning phone free. We're a GMA family so I let Robin Roberts soothe me into my day.

8:30 a.m.: Our amazing nanny arrives, I squeeze the babies, refill my coffee for the 3rd time and head upstairs to start the work day from my home office / bedroom LOL. I just started a new job but had the good fortune to find freelance gigs in between my last one and this one. Gotta pay the bills!

Depending on the day, I listen to The Daily while I answer overnight emails and get my to-do list organized. I've started doing a bullet list style drawn version and it's incredibly calming and has helped me stay productive. Some days I get into regular clothes, others I stay in workout clothes. But I do try and keep the top Zoom-friendly. The notebook is Rifle Paper and the pen is always ALWAYS Sharpie finepoint.

Working out: Mondays are NOT my day to work out. Even when I was single, bilingual, lifting consistently, training for marathons and ready to mingle, I NEVER woke up early on Mondays to work out. So at least 3 times a week I go for a run when Pamela gets to the house. I can't get motivated to workout at home. So running it is for now until I can get back in the gym.

11:30 a.m.: Like clockwork, this is when Christopher barges in. Bobby has woken up from his first nap and my home office (aka bedroom) becomes the hot spot. We'll joke around for a little if I'm not on a call and usually by this time I'm starved anyway, so I'll lure him down and grab a quick lunch.

The next few hours are full of calls calls and more calls, followed by (if I'm lucky) a window of productivity thanks to blocking 30 minute windows before and after calls. Word to the wise: If you tell people your calendar is up to date and you DON'T block work time, they will fill those gaps for you!! Don't let the terrorists to your calendar win! Block your time!

2 p.m.: Kids go down for a nap and the house goes quiet. This is officially crunch time for work. Come 4:30 I'm back on mom duty. Also when I listen to new music, especially if I'm working on decks. New Taylor is PEAK deck-making music.

4:30 p.m.: Mike travels for work, so if he's home and I have calls, he'll mind the kids until I wrap for the day. If I don't I bring the office aka my laptop and notebook downstairs and attempt to make magic happen from the couch.

5:30 p.m.: Feed baby Bob, and chase Chris around the house to get him to eat 3 bites. Often this is happening while I'm on a last call of the day. And sometimes we'll try and squeeze a walk in. This is typically my "sorry guys, give me a minute" time of the day. But I do try to avoid calls that run into kids' dinner. Then we play, Mike and I catch up a little and we watch Wheel of Fortune (LOL).

As soon as Jeopardy starts, it's clean up time...

7:30 p.m.: Clean up time! Probably my PROUDEST parenting moment is how Christopher since he was very little, has been trained to clean up his toys and put them back in the bins before we go up for bath and bedtime. Okay enough gloating, this is also when most tantrums occur, Bob inevitably hits his head for like the 200th time, or we bicker about who's turn it is to do something.

7:30 p.m.-8:15 p.m.: I am in charge of bath time for both (we just toss them in together) and then I put Bob down. Bed and bath time is sacred for me. No phones, no work talk. When I was traveling for work still, I often did the 6am flight out and 8pm flight back from NYC so I wouldn't have to miss two bedtimes in a row, or our morning routines. It SUCKED. But it matters to me.

Bob goes down, then Chris gets a story and tuck in. Poor Bob probably gets the shaft but I figure as he gets older we'll read to them both. Or we'll just pray he's an athlete and doesn't like books? Who the hell knows.

8:30 p.m.: Mike's a saint and cooks like 70% of the time while I'm in the shower. On Mondays Melanie and I catch up for about an hour. 30 minutes of venting and 30 minutes of planning what's going to happen on this very platform :) Usually the exchange starts with a text like "Need 10 min." or "Are we still on" and ends with "Okay I'm fading I think we're good." But we make it work and make it happen!

9 p.m.: Second glass of wine is finished, dishes are done, and coffee is set for the next day. This is when the second shift begins. We head up to bed and throw something on TV. At this stage of Jumanji aka quarantine, we've watched EVERYTHING. Just started Perry Mason on HBO though and it's pretty sticky. I'll finish up emails or work on a deck while Mike falls asleep.

10:30-11 p.m.: I give myself about an hour and a half of extra work time (including TCY!). Then around 10:30, I whip out my Kindle or watch a little bit of Chef's Table (which I've watched 10000 times but its so relaxing) to help me ease into sleep.


Here are some of the things you guys shared:

93% of you read at night. Dying to know who the 7% are!!!

When do you listen to podcasts?

"On walks"

'At 4am when I breastfeed"

"On a run"

"During the day, after giving breakfast to my girls during playtime. It makes me feel like I'm talking to adults."

When is "me time"?

"When kids are sleeping (napping or bedtime) or away at Abuela's house."

"Baths or runs outside!!"

"Going for a run"

"A peaceful cup of coffee in the morning and workouts during nap time."

"Working out"

"Going for a run each morning"

What's the weirdest adjustment to your schedule since quarantine?

"I've been able to switch from Tampons to Thinx. No fear of changing in public bathrooms!"

"Waking up earlier than ever"

"Some days we start working at 2-3 and into the evening."

"The logistics of working outside the home and kids being home."

"My kids being up until 11pm because of the lack of structure. Lord help me."


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