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Target Has All Our Favorite 2020 Home Trends, Duh

By: Adriana Infante

We recently shared how you could style an entire living room with Amazon here. But say you want to take a little field trip and style your entire home or office with the trendiest, must-have items of the new decade. Get ready, #Target. We’re invading in 3, 2, 1. 

Are you even shocked that they’re totally slaying it with 2020 home trends even though the year has just started? Scroll on for the things that have us shook and click on the images to level up your home decor game. Run, don’t walk! 

Concrete & Clay

Kim K. just about mastered this look in her home. Expect to see this played out in color trends such as clay and terracotta, as well as in earthenware and ceramics.


If you thought you’d only find this on the floor of an outdoor terrace, guess again. Terrazzo is just about everywhere right now and we’re not mad about it - wallpaper, planters, even bathroom accessories. 


Abstract. Groundbreaking (Miranda Priestly voice). Except we’re seeing this in unexpected places too, not just in artwork! Give us all the abstract pillows, paintings and planters.

Prairie Style

More subtle than farmhouse. It’s minimal, but warm, crafted with natural materials. Think wood, rattan or wicker combined with macrame, crochet or weave.

Plants and Planters

Could this be the year of the faux? Fake or real, there’s no such thing as too much greenery. Love them equally and be proud to be a #plantmom or #plantdad.

Adriana Infante is a home designer and blogger at White This Way. Follow along for more tips and tricks–for the splurger or on a budget!


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