• Carmen Graham

TCY Book Club Guide: Just Plain Good Reads

These novels are perfect for rainy days, late nights, early mornings––whenever you're feeling like engrossing yourself in something you can't put down.

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For the woman who likes nice things–and a light beach read: Bergdorf Blondes

This book by an old Vogue editors basically transports you into the life of a rich girl about town in NYC. Which sounds amazing TBH. The story is part romance, part friendship story and part coming of age––but all fun.

For the woman who needs a good rags to Ivy League story: Educated

The craziest part of this story is that it's TRUE. Tara's ability to overcome every odd in the name of education is gripping, sad at times, but really shows you that no matter where you come from, it's up to you to make yourself better.

For the woman who loves a coming-of-age story with some juicy drama in the mix: The Female Persuasion

We love a good mentor, but this book goes into some deep territory on what happens when feminism goes wrong.

For the woman who loves 1940s old world glamour and coming of age stories: City of Girls

Small town girl moves to NYC in the '40s and learns the ways of the world. It's all the back-alley dealings of Broadway in the old glamorous New York days. It's by the author of "Eat Pray Love", who is an excellent fiction writer, too! Who knew!?

For the woman who loves a good political drama, from the vantage point of a First Lady no less: American Wife

The author of "Prep"––SO good too––follows the life of a future first lady, and everything she gives up to get there. Makes you look at the Jackie Kennedys a little different.

For the woman who loved "Gone Girl" and "Girl on The Train": Pretty Girls

Three sisters are involved in this CRAZY and sort of dark–you've been warned–murder mystery. But also goes to show you how blood runs thicker than water.

For the woman who believes there are two sides to every marriage: Fates and Furies

You really want this couple to work out. But there's two sides to every story and just when you thought you hated him, you hate her more, and then you're like wait no...

In short, a twisted marriage story that'll make you grateful for even a little normalcy.

For the woman who loves untold histories--this one is from the vantage point of the Manson "family" girls: The Girls

Set right before the Manson murders, this story of a girl who got sucked into the cult makes you realize just how precious and impressionable young girls can really be.

For the woman who HATES (but has loved) a gaslighter: The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.

For every woman who thought she knew where life would take her



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