• Carmen Graham

TCY Book Club Guide: The Classics

Whether you were a lit class nerd (guilty) or haven't even considered reading one of the high school summer reading list since, well, high school, there's no doubt some of the female protagonists (again, nerd) are perfectly relevant in our crazy 2020 tech-fueled lives.

Here are some favorites below. Pro-Tip: Pick one per season. Little Women is a Christmas-time read, and Great Gatsby is the ultimate summer read.

Shoutout English teachers -- your work does not go unnoticed.

For the woman ahead of her time–and literary babe alert Mr. Darcy: Pride and Prejudice

YES the Keira Knightley movie is good, but honestly the book just pulls you in. Mr. Darcy still the GOAT literature crush.

For the woman who needs a reminder that jealousy kills: Rebecca

Really showing my Lourdes Academy roots here, but this was required reading at my high school and in hindsight maybe it helped so we wouldn't become crazy *ss b*tches–or made it worse? Who knows. Regardless, classic case of jealousy drives woman crazy. Yes x 10.

For the woman who binges true crime docs: To Kill A Mockingbird

THE ultimate courtroom drama. Especially in these crazy times, it's important to remember that there's still a LOT of crazy people who have some backwards ideas.

For the woman who loves doomed romances–and a good party: The Great Gatsby

Again, literature nerd, but I try and re-read this one every summer. Daisy is such a tragic character and when she says she hopes her daughter is a "beautiful little fool" you're just like UGHHH.

For every woman who obsessed over whether she was a "Carrie" or a "Samantha" : Little Women

We LOVED the Greta Gerwig take. But the old Winona Ryder movie is a classic. And the book––well, every little girl should have it in her arsenal. Always be a Jo, with the street smarts of an Amy, the original SATC girls.

For the woman who refuses to let the haters get her down: The Scarlet Letter

Hester Prynne is THE ultimate feminist. In case you forgot the plot, she got slutshamed but got the last laugh when it turns out all the dudes were slutting around too.

For the hopeless romantic: One Hundred Years of Solitude

Would your partner wait for you for a generation and love you still? Probably. But this super vividly written love story is literally one for the ages.

For the woman who gets in her own head a lot: Jane Eyre

Proof that you can be smart, kind of weird, kind of anxious, and not traditionally "perfect" and still get the guy.



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