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TCY GUIDE: Mothering Resources By Age

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

The crazy thing about parenting is that you get SO SUCKED IN to each phase, each moment, each ebb and flow, that you barely even register when your kid is suddenly not a baby anymore. Suddenly, they're going to kindergarten. And we can ONLY imagine what it's like when they're full fledged teenagers.

So we asked moms of several age groups to share with us what resources they live by for their kids. No surprise, being 2020, a lot of moms are turning to technology to get them through.

Have something that makes your day just that much easier with your little (or not so little) one? DM us or email us with your reco and we'll add it to the list!

Jenna Citron Pinchuk /  @jennacitronpinchuk 

Kids Age(s): 2 + 11 months 

Tools / Resources you can’t live without: Anything Elmo. Before flying from MIA to LAX, I discovered the Elmo Calls app and it was a lifesaver. Also, trucks. We have a ton of these mini, chunky trucks with big wheels. I always have 2-3 in any given diaper bag or purse. Never leave home without them. #boymom

Deena Cromer / @deenalcromer

Kids Ages: 2.5, 7 months

Tools / Resources you can’t live without: Under quarantine conditions, the Kindle Fire has been helpful and a good learning tool. I shut the WiFi off so she can only play her downloaded games. 

Jenise / @atoddlerandatopknot

Kids Age(s): 2 and 5

Tools / Resources you can’t live without: The Timer app on my phone/Google Home/Alexa. If they start fighting me on anything (time to get in the bath, time to get out of the tub, time to pick up toys, etc.) I tell them, "Okay, in x number of minutes, you do this," and set a timer. It works like a charm and they fight me so much less this way! It's an easy tool that I can use anytime, anywhere, and it's free. 

Isis Arias Clermont / @isarias 

Kids Ages: 2.5 and 6

Tools / Resources you can’t live without: Disney Plus! Khan Academy Kids and PBS apps are two that save my morning - Khan has games, books, videos for both age groups.

My daughter really likes Epic! Books - a virtual library she gets access to via school. 

And The Show Must Go On! YouTube channel has had broadway shows which is cool. 

And they now know how to use Alexa which is great for calling out favorite songs or lullaby playlists from the other side of the room. 

For non-screen items, we keep water bottles and snacks and a picnic blanket on deck whenever we go out for walks these days so if we find an open green patch or even if we are just hanging on the stoop, they can “picnic” and play. The kids know to help pack their items they want when we go out now. 

Molly Blanco / @thecasablanco

Kids Ages: 5 and 9

Tools / Resources you can’t live without:

My number one parenting resource is Pinterest. Whatever problems are thrown at me, Pinterest seems to always have the solution. For my kids' age range, I'm constantly looking for ways to engage/entertain them that doesn't include a screen and ways to sneak healthy foods into their diet. This is probably such a no-brainer answer, but here are some of the ideas I've been looking at lately:

  • summer bucket list ideas

  • family night activities at home

  • kids crafting ideas using everyday household items

  • new meal ideas that my whole family will actually eat

  • homeschooling help

  • day trip ideas- (we typically only travel by car anywhere within a 2-3 hour distance so I'm always looking for new little towns to explore)

Name / Handle: Lorena Castillo / @theboardmiami 

Kids Age(s): 15 & 13

Tools / Resources you can’t live without: 

Apple Screen Time is great because you can limit the use of the iPhone/iPad, apps, websites and more. You can schedule blocked periods like bedtime, homework time, etc. And you can see a report of the activity they had and how much time was spent on each category. 


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