• Melanie Fernandez

The Only Leggings You'll Ever Need. Ever

Here's the thing. Obviously your body is your body and it does incredible things like yoga 3x a week or having a baby or bouncing back after drinking wine nightly during the holidays (or always?). But there is another universal truth: Jeans are NOT comfortable–they AREN'T— and skirts/dresses require shaving your legs frequently, which means leggings DO count as regular clothing. 

Especially when you find the holy grail. This entails: 

  • Enough stretch to be comfortable from the minute you leave the house to when you get back who knows how many hours later. 

  • Not so much stretch that your butt looks deflated.

  • Enough suction to smooth out those bits that said yoga class isn't reaching yet. (YET! We shall overcome!)

  • Not so much suction that you're in some kind of torture device waist trainer.

  • Keep their color–black, obviously–and stretch no matter how many times you wash them.

  • They don't look like workout gear. You *could* work out in them. But don't have to. 

  • NO PILLING. Even if you by mistake wash them with your towels or Velcro-laden kids' gear.

Yes, dear reader, this exists. In the form of Spanx "Look At Me Now" leggings.

The name makes them all the more appropriate because you'll be rocking leggings-as-pants like a boss. And they're at a price where you're like "Do I need them in Velvet? Possibly."

To be clear, this is NOT a sponsored post. But when we discovered these leggings are a common thread at HOL, we wanted to pay it forward. Happy trails to you and your newfound loves. Thank us later. 



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