• Melanie Fernandez

The Value of Time: Introducing our Weekly Braindump Worksheet

There is nothing more exhausting than a mind full of things to do at the beginning of every week. It’s no wonder that the “Sunday scaries” are actually a thing - most of us have so much on our minds come Sunday, it’s actually overwhelming to even function throughout the day. When I started mapping out my weeks, I realized that when I actually wrote down EVERYTHING that was on my mind, and i mean EVERYTHING: personal, work, kids, house, self-care, the brain dump alleviated so much stress. At the time, I was working with a hardcover planner that allowed me to divide my days by time (heaven). So after prioritizing the things that HAD to get done that week, I would actually assign them to time slots.

At this point, a few amazing things happened:

1) My week and my list of TO DO’s no longer seemed overwhelming. Giving them a time and place to live calmed my mind because I knew they’d eventually get done. I realized at that moment that most of the Sunday overwhelm came from blowing my mind’s TO-DO list out of proportion because, clearly, I hadn’t broken any of it down. Once I did, it wasn’t as scary as it seemed in my mind.

2) My time is valuable (as is yours). After doing the work, I realized I actually had more time than I thought in my week. Once I assigned time slots to things, I actually had time leftover. Hallelujah!

As you can see, this has been so helpful for me I went ahead and made an actual Weekly Braindump Worksheet - save it to your desktop to help map out your week or print it and carry it everywhere you go. Hopefully it's as helpful for you as it's been for me!



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