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Trader Joe's Food Guide: Getting Grainy

We've got the scoop on all things Trader Joe's grains. Pastas, legumes, quinoa, gluten-free options, there's something for everyone at our favorite grocery store chain.

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Steamed Lentils: For an easy, plant-based protein punch

Don't laugh at us for liking lentils. They're full of protein and already come pre-steamed so they're ready to eat hot or cold. Add them to soup or throw them into a salad to make the meal more filling.

Organic Brown Rice: For cooks who love short-cuts

If you like to save time in the kitchen TJ's frozen organic brown rice packets are an essential life-hack. They take three minutes to cook in the microwave and are hassle-free. We love that the packets come pre-portioned so you don't have to struggle to figure out rice-to-water ratios or cook times.

Organic Tricolor Quinoa: For a fiber-full, fluffy side dish

Quinoa is gluten-free, high in protein, and packed with fiber and healthy vitamins. This fluffy tricolor combo is on the cheaper side compared to quinoa in other stores and we like the blend of white, black and red quinoa. Its got a mild, nutty flavor and a perfectly balanced texture that's not too soft and not too crunchy.

Organic Basmati Rice: For a healthy rice option

TJ's organic basmati is priced well, organic, and has a light nutty flavor and softness that we love as a veggie bowl base or with curry.

Organic Pasta Vegetable Radiatore: For a pasta fix with antioxidants

This vibrant, multi-colored pasta is veggie-based and gets its color from spinach, beets, paprika, and red bell peppers. It's not gluten-free because it's made from wheat, but the added vegetables give this pasta an extra boost of vitamins and antioxidants that you don't get from regular pasta.


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