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Trader Joe's Guide: Handy for Hosting

Food that's ideal for feeding guests lives in a category of its own. We take charcuterie boards and snack spreads seriously, which is why we've compiled this list of all the best food items for hosting.

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Olive Tapenade: For easy olive eating, without the pits

This tapenade is made with black and green olives—hopefully this makes everyone happy—and tastes homemade. If you don't feel like dealing with pitted olives, opt for this spread instead. It tastes great on every type of bread and cracker.

Dolmas: For a satisfying eastern Mediterranean snack

Vine Leaves are stuffed by hand with soft, seasoned white rice to create these delicious bite-sized Mediterranean snacks. They're tender and perfectly seasoned with onions and spices, then packaged in soy oil. The TJ's deal can't be beat—it's $2.49 for a can of ten, which is extremely affordable compared to some grocery salad bars that sell them by weight (we won't name names).

Marinated Artichoke: For artichoke hearts with zero effort

Let's be honest, there's no way we're peeling artichokes to get to the tender, edible center—we've got enough to worry about when we're hosting guests—which is why we love these jars. The work's been done for us, all that's left to do is scoop some onto a plate and enjoy.

Pepita Salsa: For those who like a spicy, savory kick that can be added to anything

The TJ's salsa section can be overwhelming. There's an abundance of tasty options, but look no further than the pepita salsa. It's savory, spicy, and sweet which is why we love it with our morning scramble, veggie bowls, tortilla chips, and even straight off the spoon. Trust us, you don't want to leave the store without it.

Corn and Chile Tomato-less Salsa: For the bold and untraditional salsa-lovers

We appreciate the abundance of TJ's salsa choices. This particular jar has dared to do something new—it skipped tomatoes entirely. This corn-based dip is sweet with a kick of red pepper and onions, and it's great with tacos or added to a salad.

Just a Handful of Pitted Salted Manzanilla Olives: For the perfect amount of olives

When the mood strikes for olives but you're not willing to commit to an entire jar, this little packet hits the spot. It's just a handful of olives. Simple as that.

Bite Size Everything Crackers: For a flavorful charcuterie board staple

A charcuterie board isn't complete without a crunchy companion, and we opt for these herby, garlicky bite-sized squares every time. Bring on the cheese and jam, but be warned—these are addicting.

Spanish Cheese Tapas Sampler: For Spanish cheese without indecision

This cheese trio has got all of our favorite Spanish options: Iberico, Cabra Al Vino, and Manchego. The pieces are already cut and there's enough of each to give us a taste of something new without committing to an entire cheese wedge. It also cuts down on decision-making and prep time—that's a win-win.


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