• Rebecca Landesman

Treat Yourself: A Self-Care Guide for Trying Times

Spa days and nail salons are a distant fond memory since we've received our stay-at-home sentence, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to be pampered. Actually, we’ve never been more in need of self-love. Social-distancing—and social-nearing to those we’re holed up in the house with—can take an emotional toll, which is why it’s important to make time to treat ourselves to some TLC.

For this guide we’re dedicating our love and attention to an important and under-appreciated part of the body—our feet. We’d typically suggest some items to toss out and replace with better products, but we’re willing to bet that your foot-care cabinet is minimal. It’s time to thank our foundation for grounding, carrying, and strengthening us. Run, don’t walk to get these essential items that are sure to make your feet fetish-worthy.

Pamper your paws with a natural pumice stone. This palm-sized lava stone is a great way to treat your feet and keep them soft. Calluses and cracks are a thing of the past.

Everyone should have a good body exfoliator on hand for renewing the skin and buffing away the stress of the day. This Handcraft coconut milk natural scrub keeps skin smooth with no-BS ingredients—coconut milk, sea salt, vitamin E, and oils. Plus, it’s a body scrub, so feel free to use generously all over the skin, not just the feet, and make every shower a spa experience.

PS—There’s also a Himalayan salt and brown sugar option.

Hint—If you’re feeling frisky a DYI body scrub is easy to make with ingredients you likely have at home. Combine an oil base like almond or coconut with a liberal amount of sugar or coarse salt, and a few drops of essential oil like peppermint or lavender and get scrubbing!

Hopefully your dogs aren’t barkin’ as loud by now. Finish up your treatment with a rejuvenating Burt's Bees foot creme that's got coconut oil and rosemary extract for deep hydration.

We’re confident you’ll feel relaxed and revived after this easy three-step routine—or even from just one step—and you didn’t even have to leave the house.


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