• Carmen Graham

A Venting Sesh with TCY

When we were planning this month's content we were thinking about how summer cleaning means yes, shedding all the unnecessary crap we've accumulated this first half of the year (including all those crafts you SWORE you'd do during quarantine). But it also means letting out some of those deep dark vents you just have to get off your chests.

We asked you, our dear readers, to vent with us on social. And that the answer would be 100% anonymous. Not surprisingly, a lot that tie back to politics and coronavirus/quarantine. So here's what you had to say about the things that are really grinding your gears right now:

"My of the century. "

"I'm annoyed as f*ck Floridians were so god damn callous about COVID"

"F*ck the Trumpistas, especially the ones that don't wear masks"

"Let's talk about quarantine sex."

"How much of freelance work is basically explaining to your client that they're paying for experience?!"

"Probably negative self talk."


"Shopping online and then having high expectations and then the quality is not what you thought it would be."

On husband leaving the toilet seat up: "I'm like you're not the one at risk of falling in, I am!"

"What about video calls for work and how you have to keep a normal resting face the whole time? Which is probably true all the time but you never notice it because you don’t look at yourself."

So there you have it, among other things like ending a global pandemic and institutional racism, clearly, we all have a lot to get off our chest. Keep 'em coming! We'll keep adding to the list.


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