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Wellness Experts You NEED to Follow

We all have such a love hate love with IG. But the truth is, in this day and age, it's also a really amazing resource sometimes. When it comes to wellness, there's no doubt that IG has turned stalking your favorite SoulCycle instructor into a fine art. To the point that wellness IG can be really overwhelming! Everyone's an expert, everyone's got glistening abs in your face, and there's also a lot of misinformation about how to be well...and not just on the outside. Here are a few of our fave accounts. Let us know yours and we'll keep adding to the list.

Rachel Robinson is a fave IG instructor because she actually gives you the moves and is clearly sweating right along side you. Not to mention she's in fighting shape which is hella motivating. OH. And she's a mom of three. AND married to must-follow beauty queen @NatGeeBeauty.

Kate Lemere is one of my fave funny follows. From proving one can enjoy wine and pasta and still be in killer shape, to her SUPER real talk on the BS the fitness industry tries to lure us with to her programs that pair perfectly with Barry's (she's a chief instructor out of Chicago), Kate is what we like to think a super fit but also brutally honest and always compassionate BFF would be like.

Robyn is a support account for new and expecting parents. It's raw, and they have a lot of uplifting messages for IVF parents as well as those who've experienced miscarriages. We just love that they're normalizing ALL kinds of parenthood.

Kids Eat in Color is chock full of easy to understand tips on how to feed your kids, and goes to the root of the picky eating. Between the psychology and the helpful visual formats, you're sure to get at least 1 piece of broccoli in them.

Good Witch Kitchen is SO good. She's got tips on how to bring spirituality and "woo woo" into your kitchen. For example, worried about how your sage habit might be impacting the environment. She's got you. Call it practical woo woo.

I Am Well and Good is a media platform that's one part Goop, one part practical and 100% a great off the beaten path resource for everything from CBD to gut health to sex health.


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